The 30 of Amsterdam Noord

Sunday, 5th of September 2021, track and field club AV-ATOS hosts the 19th edition of 30 of Amsterdam Noord. Distances: 10k, 15k, the half marathon and 30k. You are very welcome at our race.




  • 30k
    The 30k is the ‘grand daddy’ of the 30 van Amsterdam Noord. The track passes through the traditional old villages Zunderdorp, Zuiderwoude and Broek in Waterland, the beautiful green low lands of Waterland and the old polders Volgermeer and Buikslotermeer. The 30k is the perfect preparation for the TCS Marathon of Amsterdam. 

  • PLUS Half Marathon (21k)
    The track follows most of the 30k distance through the beautiful fields of Amsterdam Noord. It is a fast and flat track. Ideal to go for a personal best. 

  • 10 English Miles
    This distance is new in 2021 and replacing the traditional 15k. A race through beautiful scenery. You will pass the village Zunderdorp. The 10 mile run is long enough to enjoy the typical feeling of running through the low lands of Waterland.

  • 10k
    The 10k is ideal to become a long-distances-runner. You will get inspired by the other atletes and maybe it is the first step to become an even longer distance-runner. You can also use this 10k to improve your personal best. The track is fast and flat. Well, unless it is windy. Then it will be a challenge. Waterland is beautiful but it is difficult to predict the weather. 


If you have a Dutch bankaccount, you can sign-up here. If you do not have a Dutch bankaccount or do not understand the Dutch instructions, please send an e-mail to You will then receive the IBAN number to transfer the fee. If that is impossible, a cash payment at the day of the event, is also an option.



How to get there

The start and finish of the 30 van Amsterdam Noord will be at the track and field-club AV ATOS.


Sportpark Elzenhagen

G.J. Scheurleerweg 1



By car

Parking at the parking plot next to the track club is not possible. You can park at Stadsdeelkantoor Noord (P1: Buikslotermeerplein 2000, 1025 XL, Amsterdam and P2: Buikslotermeerplein).
The track and field club is behind the Stadsdeelhuis: take Gare du Nord and Hans Meerum Terwogtweg to get to the G.J. Scheurleerweg. It is about 10 minutes walk from those parking area’s.


By public transport

Take metro line 52 towards North Station. At station North take the west exit. The track is located about 500 meters west of the station.


We welcome you on the track on Sunday 6th September. Good luck and enjoy!